Charlotte Hart HypnobirthingHi my name is Charlotte I am a qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher, a practicing midwife and a mum of one. I have a DipHB(KGH) diploma in Hypnobirthing which I acquired from the Royal College of Midwives accredited KGHypnobirthing teachers training programme. I also have a Bsc (Hons) Midwifery degree and have been a practicing midwife since 2012 currently work in a busy London Hospital as a midwifery sister.

During my practice as a midwife I have cared for many women during their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period some of whom have used Hypnobirthing and some who haven’t. I have lots of experience of caring for women who have had a range of different labours and types of birth and in a range of birth settings. Every Hypnobirthing mother I have met has been well informed and in control of her labour and birth experience. During midwifery training we are not taught Hypnobirthing so this was something I came across as I went along, not knowing much about it I drew on the experiences I saw whilst practicing and I found that the more Hypnobirthing births I saw the more I knew it worked.

On a personal level I have first hand experience that KGHypnobirthing can work. When I was pregnant with my child I decided to go on a KGHypnobirthing course for expectant mothers. Even though I am a midwife and have a vast knowledge about birth I had some concerns like most expectant mothers that I felt I needed to do something to alleviate. I completed the course with my sceptical partner and went away and practiced what I had learnt. My son was born shortly after I completed my course and I have to say it worked fantastically, I was in control, empowered and confident throughout my labour and birth. I felt extremely proud of what my body had achieved and this was when I truly knew KGHypnobirthing works and to my surprise my once sceptical partner now agreed!.
I feel honoured and privileged to pass on my expert knowledge to help and empower more women and their birth partner/s to have the best possible birth experience and the birth they want to achieve.