KGHypnobirthing is a logical, simple practical…..and very effective; a complete antenatal education. It makes a difference to your experience of giving birth, and gives you the tools to give your baby the best possible start in life.

KGHypnobirthing changes and empowers both the mother and father, and has the most profound effect on the baby which will last a lifetime.

“The thing about KGHypnobirthing is that it works.”

– Father

“Thanks so much for your valuable class; I had the most amazing birth, probably the best night of my life.”

– Mother

“I have been present at KGHYpnobirths and seen how in control the women are, and how also the partners are a lot calmer and able to help, and what a difference it really does make to the start of parenthood for them.”

– Midwife

“I became interested in hypnobirthing shortly after discovering the news that I was expecting my second child. I was very nervous about the forthcoming birth having had a traumatic birth experience with my first child. My hypnobirthing course gave me the knowledge and tools to really help me prepare for labour. I enjoyed the relaxation and breathing techniques and felt fully empowered and confident that I could use the skills and tools I had gained to have a calm labour without unnecessary medical intervention. I no longer feared labour and really believed that I was strong and capable of having the birthing experience I desired. Although I was classed as a high risk patient I was able to have a calm and stress free labour without medical intervention and without the use of any pain relief. My baby was calmly and safely delivered and I felt both physically and mentally well immediately after the birth. I would recommend hypnobirthing to anyone, even for those who are seeking just to feel more confident in their preparations for labour and reduce their fears.”

– Mother