Can I use KGHypnobirthing with any type of birth? What if I have a Caesarean?
Yes KGHypnobirthing is an inclusive programme for all and the principles can be applied to any type of birth even a Caesarean and in any setting.

Will I be aware of what is going on during my birth?
Every individual will achieve their own level of relaxation and how deep that is will depend on many factors, even in the deepest state of Hypnobirthing you will be aware of your surroundings and what is happening but KGHypnobirthing will teach you how to focus on your breathing, surges and birth and you will often find that you are able to let the noises and movement in the room just happen around you without any effect on your focus.

Does KGHpnobirthing guarantee a pain free birth?
No KGHypnobirthing is not a form of pain relief, it is an antenatal preparation programme to enable you to feel confident and empowered to be involved in your birth and to achieve the birth you want in a calm, natural and comfortable way.

When should I attend the course?
You can attend at any stage of pregnancy, however most women attend from around 24 weeks.

Should my birthing partner/s attend the course with me?
Yes your birthing partner/s need to be present at all sessions of the course with you, they are an integral part of your KGHypnobirthing journey and will play the most vital supportive role during your labour and birth so it is important they are also well equipped and knowledgeable.

What happens after the course finishes?
Once you have completed the course you and your birthing partner/s will need to continue to practice the techniques you have learnt all the way up until the birth of your baby to ensure you are confident in the skills you have acquired together.